The Etruscan Coast is a wonderful area for cyclists both professional and amateur and offers picturesque routes through the hills, the medieval villages and the beautiful coastline.

The climate allows you to practice cycling throughout the year. Spring and fall are perfect times throughout the day, in winter during the hottest hours and in summer in the early morning or at the sunset. The annual average temperature is 15 – 16 degrees with low rainfall.

Dirt paths ideal for mountain biking are just a few minutes from our Agritourism while for road bikes point out that the road is paved up to the entrance of our gate.

Services for bikers

At our Agritourism you will find all the information on the main routes and the following special services:

  • box for the shelter of bikes
  • tools for maintenance and small fixing
  • bike wash
  • breakfasts and dinners with personalized menus for groups on demand
  • common room with satellite TV (Astra and Hotbird), stove, board games, books and internet point
  • Bike / MTB  rental also with delivery at our farm
  • tours with local guides on demand
Agriturismo con Servizi per ciclisti

Some routes

Some of the main bike tours:

From Val di Cornia to Massa Marittima

Starting and arrival point: San Vincenzo
Length: 113 km
Difference in altitude: 1380 mt
Altimetry: min.7 – max. 650
Tipe of road: paved
Difficulty: High

From the coast to the Val di Cornia

Starting and arrival point: Donoratico
Length: 65 km
Difference in altitude: 670 mt
Altimetry: min.6 – max. 350
Tipe of road: paved
Difficulty: Medium

Following the Etruscan

Starting and arrival point: San Vincenzo
Length: 40 km
Difference in altitude: 321 mt
Altimetry: min.2 – max. 200
Tipe of road: asfaltata
Difficulty: Medium