Our Wine

The Vineyard

The small vineyard of the company, of about 0.4 hectares, has been reset from “arc pruning” to the spurred cordon pruning (single or double) in order to increase the quality of the grapes produced.

The varieties in the vineyard are:

– RED GRAPES: Sangiovese and Mazzese (native grape of the Tuscany region, particularly in the province of Grosseto and Lucca, of particular value for the production of young wines).
– WHITE GRAPE: Trebbiano and Vermentino.

Yearly we replace the missing red grapevines with young grapevines of Sangiovese variety.

In the vineyard all the operations are carried out manually, including the harvest carried out on two separate days, one devoted to white grapes and one dedicated to red grapes.

Uve Nere e bianche

The Winery

The winery is equipped:

  • with cement vats used for the fermentation stage of wine-making of the red wine.
  • Steel tanks used for the vinification of white wine.and the storage of red and white wine
  • French oak barrels with different toasting for the ageing of the red wine
Cantina dell'agriturismo

Our wines

The red: PRIMERO

Red wine aged at least 6 months in French oak barrel and 3 months in bottle.

Grapes: Sangiovese (90 – 95%) and Mazzese

When you look at it, it ‘s intense  ruby-red.

When you smell it, the morel and the small red fruits stand out particularly and they exhale  hints of violet . This exalts its characteristcs up to  a slight spiced flavour that recalls black pepper.

When you taste it, you have a similar feeling of when you smell it: fresh, tannin present and pleasantly velvety. A wine of great personality and character.

 (Wine testing by Vincenza Folgheretti – Oenologist, that with passion follows us from the 2015th Harvest)


Medium Yearly production: 1.000 bottles
Medium Alcoholic content: 13,5%


White wine vinificated at controlled temperature aged at least 2 months in bottle.

Greapes: Vermentino (from our vineyard), Trebbiano (from our Vineyard) and Marvasia (from the vineyard of a friend in Suvereto)

When you look at it, it is yellow straw coloured with golden reflections and not completely transparent. This is due to our decision not to filter it in order to keep the organoleptic characteristcs intact.

When you smell it, the quality of yellow flowers  and of fruits stand out particularly and they release a slight aroma of aromatic herbs. This enriches the bouquet and makes it both deep and delicate.

When you taste it, it’s wrapped and smoth but not intrusive. Its freshness makes it definitely palatable and its mineralization recalls the place it was born in and releases a bitter almond taste, typical  of Vermentino.

(Wine testing by Vincenza Folgheretti – Oenologist, that with passion follows us from the 2015th Harvest)

Biacco Bianco

Medium Yearly production: 500 bottles
Medium Alcoholic content:12%

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